Dipping Nails

Dipping Nails System

A New Concept: Dipping Nails

The Lart Nails dipping nails system is a very specific and different approach to nail coloring from the traditional painting approach. Because the dipping approach is so comprehensive, the finish is beautiful, applied evenly, and very strong when dried. Once the manicure hardens, it produces a very durable layer on the nail that is infused with resources and additional benefits to strengthen the body of the nail versus drying it out, a problem that occurs due to the alcohol-based nature of regular nail paint. And your customers are really going to stand out among their friends when everyone sees their nails. Which in turn becomes referrals back to your shop for additional nail-dipping orders from more and more of their friends. So, give Lart Nails a try and see how it can fit in your portfolio. You’ll be impressed by how fast it can impact your business.


Understanding the Lart Dipping Nails System


The Lart Nails approach to nail paint application provides an entirely different approach to nail decoration than has been around for decades. Professional nail artists are constantly looking for a new way to apply their trade, and when a new approach comes along it becomes a game-changer. Not only does the Dipping Nails System create a far more reliable and stronger application of nail paint, the product is also healthwise an advantage for the nail, strengthening it with vitamins and minerals. When finished and cured, the durability of the Lart Nails product is amazingly reliable. There is no chipping, flaking or scratching in the wear. And even more noticeable, the color stays bright and doesn’t fade after being dried and worn for a while. With a fast curing time that doesn’t need any UV light to work, your customers will be served with an amazing color, finish and quick process for professional nail work.Lart Dipping system is new and revolutionary way of doing dipping nails. Nails are strong as acrylic nails but very healthy. lart nails! New way of manicure.