Titanium Nails

Titanium Nails, Another Name for Lart Nails

If you’re looking for a nail system that is extremely durable, literally able to earn the title of “titanium nails,” then you want to take a look at Lart Nails products. Designed with a specific chemical formula designed for a hard but flexible curing, Lart Nails don’t suffer from the same issues as regular nail polish. Usually, regular nail polish actually gets extremely brittle once it dries. In addition, the natural nail underneath becomes weak due to the alcohol base within a traditional polish paint as it permeates the nail below. With Lart Nails, the natural nail is infused with vitamins and minerals instead, strengthening the natural form and integrity. Then the product itself fuses together and cures with a reliable and durable shell that doesn’t crack, flake, chip or scratch. In a sense, Lart Nails provides the powdercoating of cosmetic nails that professional nail artists have been looking for over years and years.